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Hadi Rani of Salumber, Mewar

A legendary character, who sacrificied herself for duty and cause.

Hadi Rani a legendary character daughter of Hada Rajput married to Chundawat Chieftain of Salumbar, Mewar who sacrificed herself to motivate her husband to go to the War.

When Maharana Raj Singh I (1653–1680) of Mewar called her husband to join the battle against Aurangzeb, the Sardar having married only a few days earlier hesitated about going into battle.

However, Rajput honour being what it is, he had to join the battle. He asked his wife Hadi Rani for some memento to take with him to the battlefield.

Thinking that she was an obstacle to his doing his duty for Mewar, she ordered that her head be severed and presented to her husband. The Sardar shattered but nevertheless proud tied the memento around his neck by its hair. he fought bravely and made the Aurangzeb forces to run and after the victory he refused to leave the ground and cut his neck as he didn't want to live anymore.

Hadi rani udaipur